The race car in the museum

My hobbies include, well, cars, photography and history. Due to my interest in history I ended up in Edinburgh once again to see a temporary exhibition in the National Museum of Scotland together with my best friend. She ended up waiting, because shortly after entering the museum this is what I saw.

Tyrrell 003
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This is the Tyrrell 003 which used to be driven by Sir Jackie Stewart. And what a beauty it is!
There’s a video to watch behind the car and you can listen to the narrative by Sir Jackie Stewart as well. He explains that the first Tyrrell car was built out of necessity. The car he had been driving was no longer available, they couldn’t get a car from Lotus or Brabham, so they ended up building their own. He attributes the success of the Tyrrell cars to the V8 Ford Cosworth engine and the fuel being in the centre of the car.

Tyrrell 003
© All Rights Reserved

Of course these were completely different times, but I think it’s great to see cars which are a solid part of history in a museum. Apparently it will be there for a while, as you can read here. If you wish, you can download the transcript of the video from the website and read a little bit more about the car’s history.

Tyrrell 003
© All Rights Reserved


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