Aston Martin GT Challenge, Oulton Park

My fascination for anything Aston Martin is by now well documented. Not so well documented is the fact I have been a member of AMOC (Aston Martin Owners Club) for a few years. You don’t have to own an Aston Martin to join the club and the members are extremely welcoming to anyone. All you need is the passion and I have it in abundance.
AMOC also organises races. The only AMOC race I had been to was in June 2008 during the weekend long celebrations of DB4’s 50th anniversary.
Seeing another AMOC race was therefore long overdue.

The start of the Aston Martin GT Challenge/Intermarque race.
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Due to the large number of Aston Martins on the British GT grid this year (nine!) I had already decided to go to a few races of that series. Having AMOC provide one of the support races a few times was a bonus I couldn’t resist.
Oulton Park is a track I am already familiar with and I like it a lot.
This weekend is a little bit strange, because the action is on Saturday and Monday, which leaves me today (the Sunday) to process the events of yesterday.

As always the day started with a stroll through the paddock. Very soon I had found the Aston Martins which would take part in the Aston Martin GT Challenge. This is an intermarque race, so out of 18 cars only 5 are Astons. It has to be said that this race is in fact two races: a GT Challenge and an Intermarque Championship.
The Intermarque Championship has been running since the early 1970s, so it is by now quite well established.

A favourite of mine when growing up: the Triumph TR7 V8.
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I have watched both qualifying and the race and thoroughly enjoyed the on track action. There were some close battles which almost make your heart stop; especially when it involves a classic car.
One of my all time favourite Aston Martins is the DB4. This race saw a beautiful Aston Martin DB4 Lightweight (1959) take on much newer cars and sometimes it was a little too close for comfort. Thankfully it came out unharmed.

The 1959 Aston Martin DB4 LightWeight driven by Martin Melling.
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In a few weeks time this circus moves to Silverstone. I have tickets for that weekend as well. I reckon that will be yet another very enjoyable race to watch!


2 thoughts on “Aston Martin GT Challenge, Oulton Park

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  2. Hello Nicky. I am a Director of the AMOC and race a 1952 DB2. Shame I only saw this blog today as you could have come and helped us with pit stop timings at Silverstone. The AMOC have 3 more race meetings this year: July 23rd at Snetterton, August 13th at Brands Hatch and October 1st at Silverstone. If you would like to come and get more involved you would be most welcome. You can contact me at Anne Reed

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