British GT, Oulton Park, 28 & 30 May 2016

British GT landed at Oulton Park during the very sunny bank holiday in May. I have already written a post about the Aston Martin GT Challenge which took place on Saturday. Monday saw the main event: two races for British GT.

British GT action during practice 1 on Saturday
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Saturday saw practice for British GT and quite a few supporting races.
It also saw a horrible crash during the BRDC British F3 race, which ended the race early (red flag). I was later told it had made the news, as some of my colleagues who do not like motorsports asked me about it. Thankfully the driver was checked and found absolutely fine. He was happily racing on the Monday.

Ameya Vaidyanathan crashed on Saturday, but escaped without as much as a bruise.
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This weekend was the first time I had a seat on the Knickerbrook grand stand. I get the idea most crashes happen in that corner, because I have seen quite a few cars go off. I have mentioned it before: I’d rather see close racing than a crash. Thankfully no one was hurt and there was plenty of close racing.

The supporting races are great fun to watch. The variety of series and cars makes it all a wonderful spectacle. I should also mention that the commentators at Oulton Park seemed to be having quite a good time. I won’t repeat what one of them said about Rollo Tomasi, but it certainly made a lot of people laugh.

Some cars lost bits around the track (not always due to a crash or collision). This McLaren 570S GT4 was no exception; its nose is held together with large quantaties of tape.
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Seeing nine Aston Martins in one series (British GT) is a real treat and I enjoyed every second of it. One of them unfortunately never finished the race.
Jonny Adam and Derek Johnston did not get the win they were hoping for, but definitely not for lack of trying!
There were plenty of overtakes (or at least attempts to overtake) to enjoy and, of course, the cars themselves are a joy to watch. Lamborghinis and McLarens always look good out on track, the Aston Martins are bonus for a fan like me and the lone Bentley (which did very well, I might add) is an absolute joy to see and hear.

British GT is top entertainment and I will be going to the next race at Silverstone next week. Expect more photos and another post…or two.


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