Aston Martin GT Challenge (and more), Silverstone

A few weeks ago I saw beautiful cars race around the Oulton Park circuit for the AMOC Intermarque and the Aston Martin GT Challenge. It was good.
Little did I know that Silverstone would be even better.
I should have guessed, of course. I would imagine that everyone who races anything would love to do so at Silverstone.
From a spectator’s point of view that is nothing short of fantastic, because you get to see so many wonderful cars, old and new. The British GT weekend at Silverstone saw four races organised by AMOC: AMOC Intermarque, Aston Martin GT Challenge, Innes Ireland Cup and AMOC 50s Sports Cars.

A beautiful 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint which took part in the Innes Ireland Cup.
© All Rights Reserved

The weather on Saturday was glorious (not so on the Sunday!), so nothing stood in the way of our enjoyment of seeing classic cars going around the iconic track at a speed you sometimes wouldn’t expect these cars to be able to go.
To be honest, the spectacle was so good I didn’t actually pay any attention to who was winning. Even though the winner of AMOC 50s Sports Cars race was very easily identified. The #4 Ginetta G4 finished with a gap of 2 minutes and 40 seconds ahead of the rest of the field! As the commentator said: “That is the gap, not a lap time”.

Always one of my favourties: the Aston Martin DB4 (1959).
© All Rights Reserved

Of course the Intermarque and GT Challenge saw more modern cars race each other. There were Porsches, Ferraris and Aston Martins, the latter old and new.
The Aston Martin DB4 was for a very long time my favourite Aston Martin (damn you, DB11!). The lone DB4 Lightweight I saw at Oulton Park was now joined by two more and a (dare I say ‘regular’?) DB4 (see photo above). However, I would certainly not say no to a GT4 or N24. That sound!

A 1957 Jaguar XK150 – a style I very much like.
© All Rights Reserved

Needless to say, due to the diversity on track throughout the day and the sheer number of beauties AMOC had managed to get together, I ended up staying at the track all day. I know quite a lot of people only attend the Sunday (race day) during any race weekend. I hope they come to realise what they are missing.
I will definitely try to attend more AMOC race events, because they are simply too good to miss.


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