Donington Park Collection

By now I have visited Donington Park quite a few times, but I never had the time to go and see their collection. So on a not very sunny Sunday my best friend and I drove down to Donington Park to see what they had on display.

The first area is filled with military vehicles: trucks, tanks, motorbikes, even a motorbike-tank (the front is a motorbike, the rear is a miniature tank). I wasn’t aware they had so many military vehicles there, but, let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a tank or two. Some of the motorbikes are stunning examples of the time, so there’s plenty to admire.

We made our way through the various rooms and enjoyed the variety of cars on display. The main focus does seem to be on F1, which is not surprising considering one of the rooms is filled with McLarens.

McLaren MP4/8
© All Rights Reserved

The variety of cars is such that I honestly don’t know where to start. Because I’m not a fan of F1 I didn’t recognise most of the cars there. That doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate them. After all, it’s nice to see how these cars developed and how different they used to look from what we see out there now.
Recently they acquired additional cars from Force India, so now a whole corner has nothing but Force India cars. This gives a rare opportunity to see several modern F1 cars and be able to find the difference. At first glance they seem very much alike, but they really are not!

There is a display with helmets; some big names in there. On the windows several iconic tracks are shown. There is nowhere in this place where there is not something to see. All in all it is not massive, but it is very full and the number of cars once driven by the bigger names in motorsports is impressive.

My favourite has to be the replica of a Mercedes W125. What a stunning piece of machinery!

Replica of Mercedes W125
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The work that has gone into gathering the information and then building this car is amazing and the result is equally impressive. I did not realise I was looking at a replica until I read the information on the display.

Throughout the exhibition there are screens showing films or races connected to the cars in that particular room. There simply is an aweful lot to see.
At the end you have to turn back and that is a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to quickly revisit the cars that stood out for you, but also to ensure you haven’t missed anything. This place certainly requires more than one visit to be fully appreciated.


One thought on “Donington Park Collection

  1. Another enjoyable post. One thing that stood out for me the most was the fact that you can still appreciate something, even if you’re not so familiar with them – in this case, the F1 collection. I think that says a lot about your passion for cars overall and the admiration for the work that goes into manufacturing them. I’m glad you had a good time, all in all, and what’s great is that there is more to discover/appreciate next time!

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