Love for cars is something you can’t really explain. Why petrol smells good, why grease all over your arms, face and, indeed, clothing is nice, what that roaring engine does do your intestines. You simply have it or you’ll never understand it.
I do get asked. Of course they ask. Apparently it’s still unusual to be female with a firm passion for cars. But I just can’t explain it. I don’t know why I prefer grease to make up and a film like Rush to Titanic. I just do.

This blog should have happened a long time ago. Cars are everywhere in my life, always have been. And I like writing about my hobbies/passion. So I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier, but…better late than never.

The title says it all: I am a girl (open to discussion considering my age, but humour me, please) who likes cars.

Like most people of my generation and the next generations I grew up with cars. My father had a car since shortly after I was born. The first car I can remember was big green Ford Taunus. I was too young to know the exact type, but I always went with him when it was time to fill up the tank. I loved the smell of petrol…at 4 years of age.

My parents didn’t really try to stop my growing fascination with cars (and trucks, and motor bikes, and airplanes, for that matter) when I was growing up. My family watched many F1 races on television in the 1970s.
Recently I saw the film ‘Rush’ in the cinema and I can tell you I still remember that accident. I was 7 years at the time, but I remember it very clearly. Amazing what you take in at that age…

In my early teens my father started taking me to car shows. Not often, but I have seen a few and really enjoyed it. He knew I was crazy about cars. After all, I had posters of trucks and cars on my wall, I collected miniature cars instead of Barbie dolls (my mother tried, but failed to get me interested in those) and my dad had started explaining the workings of a car engine when I was 9 years old.

At some point, and unfortunately I cannot pinpoint that moment, I discovered Aston Martin. That fired up my passion for cars even more. Aston Martin is still my absolute favourite marque. Very likely it always will be. I do like other cars, though. There’s so many to love!
I also discovered Le Mans during my teenage years. Unfortunately my parents thought it a bad idea for a girl that young to be up for 24 hours, so I never really got the watch the race until I was much, much older. Needless to say: nowadays I’m useless during Le Mans Weekend. I reside on the sofa and sleep very little.

When I reached my twenties I started going to car shows myself. As I lived in the Netherlands, I went to Amsterdam (RAI) every now and then. Eventually I started going to the IAA in Frankfurt, Germany. And when I got my own car (I started driving surprisingly late, at 30) I went to Geneva and also managed to go to Le Mans once.

Now I live in the UK and for some years I was a member of the AMOC (Aston Martin Owners Club). This resulted in several interesting trips: to the now demolished factory at Newport Pagnell, the current factory in Gaydon, Silverstone and the workshop at Newport Pagnell for the 50th anniversary of the DB4 (my favourite type of Aston Martin).
Thanks to Rush and some car loving colleagues I am now becoming interested in F1 again.

Cars are still all around me and I will take almost every opportunity to learn more about them, to see them, to hear them, to drive them if I can. I am planning more car related trips and I will write about them on this blog. Enjoy!


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